Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How Brits Perceive Us

I retweet people's posts every morning.  If they retweet me, I retweet them.  It's become a game.  Does it help with sales?  Nope.  But, it does give me insight into what's going on in the world.

I came across this little ditty on twitter:

British people give their best American accent and the result is Hilarious!

Ignoring all the bad words and all the OMGs, listen to this.  I'm not talking about how badly or how well the person can imitate an American accent, but listen to what they think of Americans.

First, they either use a Southern accent or try to sound like they're from California or New York.  I heard once (or read it, but I can't find it anywhere), that the Brits think there's only New York, Texas, Florida, and California in the United States, not realizing there's a LOT more land and are a LOT more people than from those states.  There are also more accents involved.  Take it from someone who lives close to Canada, dontchaknow?  Eh?

Anyway, it seemed that the people on this video think of Americans as kind of laid back and rather stupid, in a Valley Girl sort of way.  It's an interesting thing to watch.

I read a few other articles on this topic, where the Brits are upset with how Americans are WAY too upbeat and positive, tip too much, and can't spell.  They think we should include the 'u' in some words, and make a 'z' into an 's' in others.  They also don't think we can pronounce words such as aluminum (they think it should be al-u-MIN-i-um, adding the extra 'i' and not stressing the 'u').  I also didn't know they thought pants weren't trousers, but underwear?  Very odd, indeed.

When writing about a British character, I suspect my character will be more American sounding than British, even if they're from Ireland, Scotland, or Wales.  Guess I'll just have to visit Great Britain some day and find out more, eh?

Have a great week!
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British people give their best American accent and the result is Hilarious!
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