Saturday, April 9, 2016

If I Had An Extra...

I saw this trending last week:

#If_I_Had_An_Extra_Five_Minutes (I added the underscores so you could read it better).

Wow.  I DO have an extra five minutes, IF I get up in time.  So I'm not sure why people are whining about not having an extra five minutes.

I'd RATHER answer '#If_I_Had_An_Extra_Million_Bucks, personally.  What would I do?

I figure once taxes are taken out, I'd have less than half of that money.  But still, that's more than I have now.

So what would I do?

First, I'd hide the money from people who know me.  It seems to me that people who are rich seem to have family members and 'friends' coming from everywhere with their hands out.

Then, I'd pay off the house, fix up the house, and sell the sucker.  I'd move to an interesting place with a view (see the post from yesterday).

After that, I'd buy my husband a car and help out a few family members, but it'd be anonymous.

That's probably all the farther that money would go, but it's a start.  Then I'd wish for another million or so after that.

Where's that genie in the bottle anyway?  I need him/her more than ever now that I have a plan!  LOL!

Have a great week!
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