Sunday, April 17, 2016

In Search of Style

I was trolling the web, again, and found a few articles that mentioned what kind of writer you are.

Here's one:

Which famous novelist are you?
...and I scored...Ernest Hemingway.

It says this:

You chose clear and unflashy words that get right to the point. Other writers known for this style are George Orwell and Raymond Carver. Try your hand at a six-word memoir or consider a career in journalism.
I didn't like that result, so I went on.

What style of writing is best for you?

Goth/horror?  Uh...probably not.  Gore and fear aren't for me.

Keep moving, I said.  I'm going to go until there are no more tests, or I like the one they say I am. LOL!

Which writing style suits you best?  I can't rhyme worth a darn.

Next up:  I Write Like

For this one, you have to submit a sample of work.  I put in the latest piece I'm working on.

According to this, I write like Stephenie Meyer of Twilight Fame.

Yeah, not buying it.  My checking account says otherwise.

What Kind of Writer Are You?

OK...I read a bit of the Alchemist online, and I could go with this one.  He's quite a storyteller, letting it unfold word by word.

What's your style?  Try these tests and see for yourself.

Have a great week!
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