Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Talking to Yourself Again?

I love this quote:  

"The first draft is just you telling yourself the story."  ― Terry Pratchett

That couldn't be more true.  I love it, too, because it seems that with each letter I type, the story comes alive, with twists and turns I never imagined possible.

I'm working on a first draft right now.  Frank (a secondary character) is married at first...and then, I decide he needs a different love interest, so I make his 'wife' his 'girlfriend' that dumps him.  That way, he's now free to move about as the hero's sidekick.  The hero who's on a quest to win the heroine's heart, but she lives halfway across the country.  Poor Frank.  But it made his life and my book so much better!  Frank's a great character and if he stays in the home state and doesn't move to where the hero wants to relocate, Frank's gone.  But if Frank's girlfriend dumps him and he's free to go after the heroine's sister, then it has a much happier ending.

First drafts...they make me crazy and make me talk to myself.  How about you?

Have a great week!
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