Monday, April 25, 2016

The Old Man and His Dog

I live at the end of a street.  Most of the people on our street work for a living and are out of the house during the day.  Since I work at home, I see what goes on during the day around my house.

Some young families go out to walk with their young children, some people walk their dogs but are in a hurry, but most people aren't home.  It's mainly the stay-at-home moms, the retired people, and me.  I'm somewhere in-between those two classes of people.

The family that moved in about two years ago, catty cornered and across the street from our house includes a middle-aged daughter who's trying to get a place of her own, a mom who still works, and a retired dad.  The dad used to work in the school district at their home state, but he decided he wanted to move north.  So they ended up catty-cornered to our house.  Wonderful and very nice people.

After arriving here, they adopted a dog from the animal shelter.  The dog (I'll call her Gigi) had been on the streets and had puppies.  They found homes for the puppies, but Gigi was a neglected German Shepherd, with mange.  She wasn't in good health.

Our neighbors got Gigi and after working with her coat and her medical issues, turned her into the most wonderful dog you can ever imagine.  She's so friendly now, and just a joy to be around.

Every day, the dad walks Gigi.  The dad's older, so he doesn't go fast, but Gigi doesn't care.  He's her best friend.  Wherever Jay goes, Gigi goes, too.  If he goes to the park, she's right in the backseat of the car, right along with him.  If he runs errands, she joins in.  Jay and Gigi are inseparable.

I watch those two pass by our home every day.  It makes me realize that they truly keep each other going.  Since the mom works, Jay and his dog spend more time together than with anyone else.  Every day, rain or shine, he's out walking Gigi.  She loves it.  She meets people along the way, and now, I see that he's training her to be off-leash, to listen to commands without needing a leash.

Jay and Gigi...inseparable, and she's truly man's best friend.  I love to watch them interact, because they have a special bond that I wish most people had.  It includes respect, joy, and most of all, unconditional love.

Some day, Jay and Gigi will be characters in one of my books.  I've never seen such a bond as the bond between those two.  Together forever.

Have a great week!
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