Friday, May 13, 2016

Aspiring, much?

I have a friend with a high school aged son.  The son is about ready to graduate (in about a month), and doesn't know what he's going to do out of high school.  He figures he'll stay home for a year to find himself.

His real goal is to write books.  When the mom told me that, I groaned.  It's great that the kid wants to write, but you can't make a living off writing books, especially right out of high school.  I know...some people do it, but the odds of making it at all are very very slim.  It's kind of like a kid going to Hollywood, figuring they'll be a star in the first week.  Doesn't happen 99% of the time.

Then the mom explained how the kid had figured out a whole series of books in a genre other than romance.  His aspirations just became doable, in my mind.  Why?  Romance authors are too numerous and it's very difficult to get noticed.  It's said not to put books in the romance or mystery genres when publishing, because that's just throwing your book away.  I know...all of mine are in those genres.  UGH.

Needless to say, I told the mom to encourage the kid to go to college and get a degree in writing.  It will help him in the long run.  There are numerous good programs out there, some taught by leaders in their field, such as famous writers.

So if you have aspirations to write, do it.  Just make sure you can support yourself before you give up your day job.

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