Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Best Curds This Side of the Street

Speaking of bold marketing!  There's this bar in our small town that always has interesting posts outside on the marquee.  This week, they have the following:  'Best Curds This Side of the Street.'  (Note:  Curds are small pieces of cheese, that's usually dipped in batter and deep fried.  It's a Wisconsin thing, I think?)

Now it'd be hilarious if they were the only place that served food on that side of the street.  But not more than two doors down is a tiny bar and grill.  I told my husband that there's going to be a food war on that street, but he didn't understand--the bar and grill is that tiny.

Is that what marketing strategy should be?  Should marketers of books, for example, be saying their book is the best book around, to be refuted by trolls on Amazon with bad reviews?

Marketing, or so I've heard, is to make someone want your product and feel as if they have to have it.  The bar with the best curds is telling the consumer they'll never get curds as good as theirs if they shop on that side of the street.  But if they go across the street to the restaurant there (and there is at least one there, too), it might be better.  I suspect they're limiting themselves to who serves the best curds.

I'm thinking their marketing might be cute, but might need to be expanded to 'best curds in the Green Bay metro.'  Proving it might be an issue, because taste is subjective.  But who's to say they're not the best curds?

Thinking in this line of reasoning, I'm tempted to market my books as 'best sweet tale books around' since they're under the SweetTale marketing arm.  No one could refute that.  Right?  Maybe I need to go back to the drawing board and eat a few cheese curds to find out more.

Have a great week!
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