Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cerulean Skies?

I have a friend who would love to write a book.  She started and got to about page three.  She keeps re-editing those pages, over and over again, just to make sure.  They're entirely too over-edited, and it shows.  The pacing is really slow and she describes, in detail, every single thing in the surrounding area.  She even describes the sky as cerulean.

Cerulean sky.  That's not a normal color to think about.  It would stop me dead in my tracks.  What about you?  Would you know what color that is, off the bat, or would you go look it up?

I looked it up.  Turns out, the true color for cerulean blue isn't a definite color.  I checked on Wikipedia and Simple English Wikipedia (I know...people don't trust those sites, but it does have its merits and I like it).

I found these entry:  Cerulean (from Wikipedia) and Cerulean (from Simple English Wikipedia)

From that page, it seems that it can be a range from light blue to dark blue, with the main color being a blue like what's in the American flag (or close to it).

The point is this...if you write 'the sky was cerulean,' realize that not everyone's going to understand what color that truly is.  It's better to describe it in terms the reader would understand, IF you feel the need to describe it.  Since I'm always up against the problem of 'too many words,' personally, I'd put, 'it was a gorgeous day outside, with not a cloud in the sky or a worry in her heart.'  One sentence, and not a word about the color cerulean, which is up for debate.

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