Monday, May 2, 2016

Drama, Drama, Drama

Having adult children is a trip.  Our middle kid (the redhead with attitude daughter) has been dating the same guy for about two years now.  We really like the guy, and he's become part of the family.

Our son is taking his time but is chatting up a girl in Georgia.  He even went to see her last fall, under the guise of attending Dragoncon.  They're really good friends but think they'll never date since they're so far apart.  However, he did tell me he's been talking to this other woman online, who fantasizes about him.  Um...I told him to run away from that one.  Probably some guy who lives in his parent's basement..

Then there's our youngest.  She'd never been out on a date until this week.  Some guy in her class asked her out.  They went out and had a good time, apparently, even though she thought she'd made a LOT of mistakes.  He asked her out again.  He even called her cutie.  She's over the moon and I get hourly (sometimes) emails about what to wear on these dates,  how to interpret the signs, and is it too early to put 'in a relationship' on Facebook for a status.  Um...three dates doesn't quite cut it.  They finally went out again...but this time, he was all hands.  Thus, it's over.  She'd had it with him.  What a quick relationship, but I heard ALL about it.  I believe next time, she'll be a little wiser...and maybe learn karate.

And here I thought early childhood was tough.  UGH!  For all you new moms out there, keep them young as long as you can.  Carseats are great restraints because once they start becoming independent, there's no holding them back.  LOL!

Have a great week!
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