Thursday, May 12, 2016

Home Page Stress?

Are you stressed out by the number of links on your browser bookmark bar?  If you're like me, you put the most important things on the bar, right below the tabs, so you can find things fast.  But a lot of things are important, so it gets cluttered.

I have a solution--two actually.  I just started using one of them, and man, it's cleaned up my browser experience!

I use Google Chrome and other browsers (like Firefox, Mozilla, etc.), so I think the first of these options is best if you use something other than Chrome. is a product that's pretty fantastic.  The basic product is free.  Just go to (that's the URL you put in the browser window) and you'll be allowed to sign up, free, for the basics.  You can include a nice background, cool widgets with links, and organize it so you don't have everything on the bookmark top bar.  I also make this my 'new tab' page, so every time I put in a new tab, it shows me my startup page.

This is what mine looks like:

I can make the icons small or large, or whatever I like.  Very cool!

There's another product called iChrome, that's an extension for Google Chrome.  It's very similar.  Our daughter uses that and loves it.

So clean up your browser act and destress yourself.  You'll thank yourself later.

Have a great week!
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