Monday, May 16, 2016

I'm Calling from Technical Support

Have you ever gotten those phone calls from 'Kevin' with an Indian accent?  He starts out with 'This is Kevin from technical support...' and goes on to say Microsoft's products are infected.  You have to do something to clean your computer, because they can tell, from where they're sitting, that you might have an infected computer.

It's a scam call.  I've gotten so many of these, it's ridiculous.  I usually stop them when they say they're from technical support.

Um...what company's technical support?  Oh.  Right.  They don't HAVE a company.  They also don't have any way to access your computer.

I got two of these the other day.  I usually argue with them and ask them how they sleep at night being so evil (no kidding...I've gotten so many of these, I tend to get a bit upset).  So finally, I decided to take another tact.  On the first of the calls, I asked the guy 'if I told you I had Linux, what would happen?'  I never said I had Linux, but just asked the question.

The guy stopped and said, 'we dialed a wrong number.'  He couldn't wait to get off the phone.  I told him to never call me again, yada, yada, yada.

Within an hour, I got another call from the same company.   I just hung up because my husband had come home and I didn't want him to hear how I treat this company.

I wish I were as creative as this guy, though.  It's a great listen, and some day, I'm going to aspire to what he said.

(Disclaimer: I shared this from Youtube. It's a Ted Talk and I intend no harm by sharing it.)

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