Saturday, May 21, 2016

I'm Rooting for the Pantser

It seems there's a division in writers who are usually in one or another camp.  There are the plotters (they outline the entire book before they write, every detail and every scene) and there are the pantsers (they write by the seats of their pants, or, in other words, don't plot out the book first).

I'm, personally, rooting for the pantser, since I am one.  I don't understand plotters one bit.  If you're going to outline the entire book in a small book of outlines, why not just write the thing to begin with?  Why bother outlining?

To me, it's obvious if the book is outlined first.  There's usually little to no creativity or imaginative writing.  The dialogue can seemed forced, because it's not fresh or thought of at that moment.  The writer knows the entire book forward and backword, so it becomes more drudgery than enjoyment to write that book--or so it feels to me.

With pantsers, they might know the ending and the beginning but don't know much in between.  They let the characters actually take over and write the book, so to speak (yes, the author is still typing it in, but they're in the heads of the characters as they write).  It's more fresh writing, because even the author doesn't always know how it's going to end.

I've tried plotting out a book.  But about the second paragraph, I've gone off the outline and in a new direction.  It's as exciting for the author as the reader as to what will happen next.

So for those of you who are plotters, good luck, but I'm not in your camp.  I just ask that you don't beat me up or you'll damage my creative muse that seems to be very moody.  Just know that us pantsers love being free from the confines of that blasted outline and love the feeling of not knowing what's next.

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