Sunday, May 29, 2016

It's Complicated

When someone says a relationship is 'complicated,' that usually means there are problems.  However, to me, it means they want to hide something and don't want to share.

I was talking to our neighbors.  They're hilarious people that just moved here from another state about a year ago.

They have a son who's still going to high school in that other state and graduates this month.  The mom kept her state residency for that state.  The dad, though, declared residency up here.  The parents both live here, but they have to keep a foot in both states for legal purposes for the time being.  They work in many states and travel a lot.  They also have ties to that other state.

The son got admitted to a state college in our state.  The college figured he was from out of state because of the mom.  So the dad called and explained that he's a resident of this state.  The college didn't understand how the mom was in one state and the dad was here.  The dad, unwilling to offer more, said, 'it's complicated.'

The college now thinks that the parents are going through a divorce, but they're one of the happiest couples I've ever seen.

It's hilarious, when you think about it.  Just know the next time you hear 'it's complicated,' get the facts.  My guess is that something is being hidden.  Remember that the next time you read that in a book.

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