Thursday, May 19, 2016

One Note and Plotting

A friend of mine called me a week or so ago and told me about this great product called One Note.  I've worked with it before, and consider it to be like sticky notes.  You can write what you want on the note, and post it on your desktop, for example.

She uses it to create her plots, putting all plot points in one place.  It's a great idea if you like that type of thing.  Since I'm a pantser and pretty much think of things in scenes, it probably won't work for me.  But I do write down key scenes and work toward those.  However, I use Microsoft Excel for that, so I can have different worksheets for different information.  One for the scenes, one for character information (like descriptions, ages, personalities, names, etc.), and one for any research.  I use Excel so I can do simple math, like if someone gets on a plane and has to travel 20 hours, what time will it be when they land in that new timezone type of thing.

But if you need something quick that's visually easy to handle, try One Note.  It comes with many computers these days, and really is easy to use.

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