Thursday, May 26, 2016

Some Days It's Better to Stay in Bed

Some days things don't just work out like planned.  For us in the real world, that's not fun, and we'd rather stay in bed.

But in the plotting world, those days are the most interesting days.  They go so wrong (the worse the better), that the character would love nothing better than to skip out of their life and go on vacation somewhere.

That's the best way to create conflict in a book.  Make a character's life unbearable.  See where they turn to get out of their situation, even giving that new place another flaw they have to overcome.

In the end, everything will resolve and they'll be much better off than in the beginning.

I wish real life were like that.  If someone were writing my days like an author writes a book, I hope they have a goal in mind for rotten days.

Does anyone else feel like that?  Wouldn't it be weird if we WERE just characters an author played with, giving us conflicts that just happen?

There's your next sci-fi/fantasy plot, waiting to be written.  :)

Have a good day!
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