Saturday, May 28, 2016

Things You Never Want to Hear

Having three grown kids has given me new appreciation for communication.  It also has given me a lifetime of plot ideas. It also has given me a list of things I never want to hear.

I like to work while sitting on our bed, watching television.  I have the laptop on my lap, because it's the best place to work in the house.  It's the one place that's mine.

The kids know this, and when they all lived at home and had an issue, they'd give me the 'three corner problem.'  They'd come into our room, pass by three corners of the bed (I sit on the far left side so I can use the mouse on my right side) and stand in front of me.  The three corner problems also yield the phrases I don't want to hear.

Here are a few that make great phrases for a book, upping the conflict:

'I know what I'm doing.'
'It'll be fine.'  (It never is)
'I'll only be gone for a few hours--or overnight, not sure.'
'What's the worst thing that can happen?'
'Trust me.  I'm over 18.'  (YIKES!)
'I'm hiding out.  If the cops come...'
'Can I go to Mars?'  (and yes, I did hear this one, more than once)
'I'm ready to move to Iceland.'  (same kid as for Mars)
'Why do I have to get a job?  I got the degree, so I'm done.'
'I've learned everything I need to learn in my lifetime.'  (after our son's first day in Kindergarten)
'I'm back.  Here are the car keys.  I have something to tell you.'
'She cut her hair and tried to tape it back onto her head.'  (When my husband tried to watch our two-year-old daughter on his own while I went grocery shopping)

Life can hand you ideas every minute of every day.  Just when I think I've heard it all, I seem to hear more.

Have a good day!
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