Friday, May 27, 2016

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Remember the show 'Cheers'?  If you're too young, check out this Cheers Intro Song.

The show is centered around a bar, where the locals all know each other.  They get along, catching up on gossip and making plans.

One of my next books is based on that theme.  Everyone knows everyone else in the diner and in the town...until a good-looking stranger walks into the place. That's when things get interesting.  The book is called 'You'll Call It Home.'  Here's the cover:

I've been editing it over and over again.  But eventually, it'll be published.

What if the setting, though, were somewhere else?  What if it were some place undesirable?  Maybe like a hospital?  Or how about a jail?  Or, if you write paranormal, what about hell?

If they knew my name in one of those places, I'd be thinking I was having a rotten life.  But, for a book, that would up the conflict.  Interesting concept, no?

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