Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Bathroom Solution!

I know...this might be a political issue, but bear with me.

Various places have mentioned that all bathrooms will be gender neutral.  There are issues with that, namely about children and women. Being a mom, myself, I get it.  I remember taking our kids out, and if they had to go to the bathroom, I could only take them with me to the handicapped stall.  I didn't feel comfortable letting our son go to the bathroom by himself when he was just a child.

But my daughter and I have a solution and it's a great one.  They don't need to reduce the amount of bathrooms with a gender neutral room for both genders.  This is better.

What if, for example, they took out all outer walls for the bathrooms.  It'd make one big bathroom.  Keep the entrance open with no wall.  Put sinks on the side walls, and stalls in the back.  The dividers between stalls should be floor to ceiling, but the door can be open a bit at the bottom (not a big deal there).  Why?  Because anyone can see what's going on outside the stalls.  It'd be open to the outside.  If someone kidnapped someone and put them into a stall, anyone could get that door open to save the person.

It's a great solution, when you think about it.  No more dirty urinals, just toilets.  I'd also advise an employee be stationed near the big bathroom, for security sake, and in case anyone tried to sue the store/company.  It's an extra sense of security for moms with young kids.

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