Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Portfolio? Great idea!

Our daughter is in a  major that incorporates art, web design, and technology.  She has to use all her talents for this major, and should become a web designer/media technologist when she graduates in December.

Thus, for this summer, I told her to start looking for a job.  You'd think I was telling her to move the earth, from the way she complained.  So I went online to see what was out there.  Most of the jobs for this type of work require a portfolio.

A portfolio?  When I hear that, I think of those oversized folder thingies with lots of art work inside.  Most of the art work can be smudged (done in pencil), so there are protection papers between the drawings.

I'm so old fashioned. LOL!

I looked up portfolio examples, to see what's out there.  It seems to be a slightly newer idea to put everything online to sell one's skills, or so I found.  But the competition to have a great portfolio is fierce.

Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:

Adham Dannaway
Jessica Shambra

And a few more from 45 Brilliant Design Portfolios to Inspire You:

Get the picture?  Very creative, and makes you want to click on things, if possible, to see more.  A portfolio is basically selling one's skills through showing examples or a showcase of previous designs or art.  It showcases your accomplishments

What do these portfolios have that's different from a website?
Professional portfolios can include:
  • Résumé
  • Samples of work/writing samples
  • Recommendations from references/clients
  • Professional biography
  • Contact information
  • Media kit (see media kit under more references, below)
  • Skill statement
  • Qualifications
  • List/link to papers or published material
  • Computer competency certificates
  • Tools/skills (like powerpoint, websites, blogs, etc.)
  • Professional memberships including LinkedIn
  • Certifications, degrees, awards, community service

These portfolios shouldn't be very long with just enough to show off the skills of the user.


I thought about this for a bit.  What if authors had something like this, instead of, or in conjunction with a website?  What if there was a way to look up an author's portfolio to see more about the writer?  Would that help sell more books?  I'm considering it.  Now, someone, talk me out of it, or into it.  LOL!

Have a great day!
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More references:

Media Kit:

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