Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Study in Characters: the Overachiever

When I was a kid, my teacher told my mom that I was an underachiever.  I was so proud (I was young) until I found out what that meant.  Eh...it is what it is, I guess. LOL!  But now, I'm working from sun up to sun down and beyond (I was working until after midnight last night and then got up at 5:30 to get to work), so I guess that 'underachiever' label was a little off.

Regardless, one of my kids is a MAJOR overachiever.  Yes, she's bright, but she over achieves just to tick others off.  Here's an example:  in middle and high school, she'd get assignments done early and turn them in.  For projects, if she was given two weeks, she'd do them the night they were assigned.  The teacher would get upset, because they'd give the students time in class to work on it.  What did my kid do?  Other homework for other classes.  She ended up graduating with a 4.0 GPA a year early, just because she wanted to.  She was sick of high school.

Now that she's in college, she has a 3.98 GPA with two A- grades (they count less than an A).  She's upset about those A- grades.  If she gets a point off any test, she argues with the professor to give her the point, even though she has like a 99 percent on the test.

She had a class this past semester where they had to work with clients.  She loved it, because she had to report her hours that she worked on the client's project.  She overachieved there, BIG time, trying to outdo everyone else.

So the next time I'm going to write about an overachiever, I'm using my daughter as an example.  With her, it's not that she overachieves for herself, but to show up everyone else.  It's her motivation.  I applaud her for doing well, but sometimes, the overachiever has to let others take over.  My character, when I write about him/her, won't allow that.  She/he has to be in control or else.

Who's your favorite celebrity overachiever?

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