Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Study in Characters: Upper Class

Ah, the upper class.  A cut above the rest of us peons, looking down from their ivory towers.  They're the 'haves' and we're the 'have nots' to most members of the upper class.

In my latest book, 'You'll Call it Home,' I have a few characters that are 'upper class.'  One, in particular, sticks out in my mind.

In the book, Jasper comes from wealthy parents, who fixed him up with Penelope Brander, of the Florida and Texas Branders.  Jasper and Penelope were arranged to be in a relationship, to put together to wealthy families.

There's just one problem...Jasper doesn't love Penelope.  Jasper loves Eliza.  Penelope is nothing more than a gold digger.  Penelope refuses to do anything on her own, because work is...well, you know...beneath her.

It's not until she meets Shelby, Eliza's mother, that Penelope is finally put in her place.

That's the best thing when writing about the upper class--putting them in their place.

I loved writing that scene, because Shelby explained to Penelope that she's no better than anyone else and her daddy's money isn't Penelope's money.  However, when writing it, it made me think.  Penelope had to be lonely, not having any connection to anyone, unless it involved her social status.  Granted, Penelope was a loose woman, so I didn't feel that badly for her.

Yeah.  I know.  I need a life, myself, when I start feeling badly for characters I have to put in their place.  :)

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