Monday, June 20, 2016

Research for Extreme Travel 6: Turkey

I've written quite a few of the 'Extreme Travel' books, and have done a lot of research into the place where Kes is heading next.

The sixth book is the one I'm editing right now.  The title is 'Questionable Job Security,' and here's the cover:

The team is heading for Turkey (mainly Istanbul), which is a very interesting place.

Did you know:
  • Istanbul is the only city in the world that is part of two continents?  It's part of Europe and Asia.  The city is divided by the Bosphorus Strait.  The city used to be called Constantinople.
  • It's home to 13 million people (about the same size as Belgium), and is the largest city in Turkey, but isn't the capital.
  • 99% of the people in Istanbul are Muslim (Sunni)
  • The nightlife of Istanbul is more relaxed due to most of it being on the European continent.
  • The cities in Turkey can be dangerous
Now, when I write fiction, I want to find the most interesting things about a country.  So I scour the local news, the warnings to give it more life.

In Turkey, from what I read, the pickpockets, the shoeshines, and the cabbies can be crooked.  Just like everywhere else in the world, that doesn't mean all of them are, but it was a warning I read when I was doing research for the place.

Also, I learned that people seem to touch more, especially in crowds.  Thus, I had to put this into my story.

The food--outstanding.  I love researching the food of a place.

To find out more about Turkey and the warnings, check out the references below.  I loved working on the plot, because it wasn't as much about the country, but certain people in the country who turned out to be good or bad, depending on their 'crime.'  I think this one was one of my favorites of the Extreme Travel Books.

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