Monday, June 6, 2016

Take Me Away to ... New Mexico!

One of my books, sometime, will be set in New Mexico.  We visited there in 2013, when we were empty nesters for the first time--just my husband and me.  All three of our kids were in college, and we felt free!  We could see what WE wanted to see, didn't have to go to the pool, and even got to take afternoon naps.  LOL!  For those of you with kids, you'll understand this.

Anyway, NM is a beautiful state.  We were there in early October for the balloon festival in Albuquerque.  We stayed in Santa Fe, though, because all the hotels were booked in Albuquerque.  We also drove up to Taos, which is an ideal setting for a book.  It has a small-town feel, but is big enough that you don't know everyone.  Shops line the downtown and they had some sort of animal fair going on when we were there.  It's at the base of the mountains so the backdrop is amazing.

What surprised me the most was how sunny it is.  We live in Wisconsin, where it's cloudy most of the winter, and various clouds during the rest of the year.  It's just not nearly as sunny and bright as it was in NM.  My friend, Valerie, told me NM is where she wants to live, because nothing ever happens there.  Man, is she wrong.  There's always something fun to do in NM.  I wish we'd have been there longer, so I could see more.  

Here are a few pictures, so you can get a feel for what is there:

We also went to a farmer's market (it was cold outside that day) where there were chili peppers everywhere.  It's a sign of hospitality, or so I'm told.

And of course, a reference to little green men and Roswell:

Just from these pictures, I can think of quite a few plots that take place in NM.  What do you think?

Have a great day!
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