Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Greatest Generation

I get these emails from  The emails have the coolest ideas of how to deal with issues in life.  For example, there might be one entry about how to make an automated greenhouse, or silicone wedding band ring, or even a hamster wheel standing desk (which is VERY cool, by the way).

But this one struck me the most of all the posts I've read on that site.  Making Dementia Puzzles for my Dad.

It's not only about making the puzzles.  But this man's father was getting old, and dementia was setting in.  The old father had been in the military, along with his wife (the author's mother).  The father had always been there for others, always giving.  It's an absolutely amazing story of a son's recollection of what his father had been through, and was now losing his memory and his mind.

If you have the chance, read the first page (especially after the family pictures).  You'll be in awe of both the son, the mother, and the father.  That dad was part of the 'Greatest Generation,' someone who I'd be proud to know.

We recently watched a movie called 'The Intern,' with Robert DeNiro as an elderly intern to an up-and-coming owner of a clothing business (Anne Hathaway).  The plot wasn't too bad, but what intrigued me was how classy DeNiro was compared to the younger characters in the movie.  That generation was amazing, knowing how to be tough yet silent, and just to do the job without whining.

I want to write about a character like that some day.  Classy and dependable.  We need more of the 'Greatest Generation' around now, more than ever.  With more and more of the 'it's all about me' generation, we could learn a lot about the classy folks who preceded us.

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