Monday, June 27, 2016

The Windsor Hum

When I was a kid, we traveled to Canada, through upstate New York, through Niagara Falls, and across a bit of Canada.  One night, we stayed in a place called London, Ontario.  It was a wonderful place to visit.  The owners of the hotel sat at poolside with us, practicing their English.  My parents were learning French from them, in return.  My siblings and I just swam.

When we came home, though, we went through the tunnel from Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit, and then back home to PA, where we started from.

Recently I read an article about the Windsor Hum.

If you're not familiar with the area, here's a map of Windsor in relation to London, Ontario, thanks to Google Maps.

And here's where Windsor is, in relation to Detroit.  Windsor is in purple and Detroit is in red.

In the articles I read, the tiny town of Windsor has been subjected to a hum for a long time.  It's a nasty sound, interrupting people's sleep, upsetting animals, and being downright a nuisance.  It gets louder at night, shaking people's homes, upsetting everything about a quiet life.  It not only affects Windsor, but other locations in the area.

The people attribute it to steel making on man made Zug Island, but can't get the plant to quiet the hum, since it's across the border from their own country.  Zug Island is in blue on the map.  The Island is shrouded in secrecy.  It's top secret with just a few ways to get on and off the island.

It's hard to hear the hum over the Internet with regular speakers.  So I can't hear the hum.  However, my writing mind got to work and I THINK I have a plot worked out in my head for Paige Ryter to tackle.

I can hardly wait.  

Have a great day!
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