Friday, June 3, 2016

What a Person Reads

You can tell a lot about a person by the books they read.  For example, I've been working in our college-aged daughter's room (the middle kid), because the chair at her desk is better for sore legs/hips and it's easier to get up from the chair.  It also keeps me from having to put the dogs out every second, because upstairs, I can't hear them at the door (my husband can, though, as can our youngest daughter).

I'm looking at my middle kid's books right now.  Psychology for Dummies.  The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.  Lord of the Rings.  A few history books.  Astronomy and Calvin and Hobbes books.  Oh, and Dr. Seuss' 'Oh the Things you can Think!'

What does that tell me about her?  She's a thinker...and young.  She likes a good story and loves history.

Now, if you knew my daughter, you'd know she doesn't actually READ all these books, but collects books to show she likes to read (which she doesn't).  She's just like these people in this article:

New generation buying books to 'express their personalities'

It's how they look to others versus what they really read.

If someone's book collection indicated their personality type, what would be yours?  Mine?  Comedy with a bit of chick lit/romance.

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