Friday, July 15, 2016

Escape Games

Lately, I've really gotten into escape games.  I have a few on my Nook, free games from Google Play.  More of those can be found here:

Google Play Escape Games

For those of you who like these games but don't want an app (you'd rather play online), I found a site for you that's FREE.  YAY, free!  It's called

In these games, you have to pick up items to use later, and solve puzzles to get out of the room or area.  Depending on the game, you could potentially go to another room or area.

I had one of these games on my Nook that I gave up on.  It had very odd puzzles, and I never could figure them out.  I won't mention the name here, but in one puzzle, you had to put a pencil in someone's eye to get a key or something.  Yuck.

One of my favorites are the Tesla's Electric Mist games.  They do cost money, but it's not much.  I think the first one may be free sometimes.  Here are the links:
Tesla's Electric Mist 1
Tesla's Electric Mist 2
Tesla's Electric Mist 3

They're good games, a 3-parter, which aren't that difficult to solve, but still challenging.

Anyway, enjoy!  I love these games!  If you know of some good ones, comment here.

Have a great weekend!
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