Friday, July 22, 2016

Escape Room -- in REAL Life!

Last week, I wrote about escape rooms as games, or escape games.  What if those rooms were REAL and you could try to get out, much like the game on television, Race to Escape.  Personally, I wouldn't want someone watching me fail at that game on television, but I'd love to try to get out of a room by solving puzzles and getting clues.

I made a mystery area such as this in my book, 'A Love as Fair as Snow,' by Eryn Grace.  For their first date, they go to a diner that has an area where you're to solve a mystery.  It's set up like rooms in a house.  You have to solve the mystery in an allotted amount of time, or you're kicked out.  If you win, you get a free meal in the diner.

In the Wisconsin Dells, there's a place called 'Wizard Quest.'  Your goal is to free wizards by solving problems through a labyrinth type of setting.  We've been there twice.  The first time, there were people dressed in all black who would chase you to steal any points you'd collected (if I remember correctly).  The next time, they took out the scary chasers but you still had to solve the puzzles, putting it on paper and then entering it into a computer in the room.  Now, they have things that you carry around to collect data, etc.

In Collinsville, Illinois (Can you escape the Escape Room?), they've created an escape room such as the room on television.  You have an hour to escape, but it's not easy.  However, you're not really locked in, much like in my book.

If you had the chance to go into an escape room or a room such as that and solve problems, etc., would you do it?

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