Thursday, July 28, 2016

I wish …

When you begin to write books, you have these grandiose ideas about what will happen when you become famous.  99.9% of us never realize that dream (and yes, I made the number up), but we still dream.

When I initially thought about it, I thought, 'Yikes!  I don't want to be famous.'  Back when I was a teacher, the kids and the parents put me on this pedestal (like they do with all teachers) where everything you said and did was analyzed.  You were judged every time you went into a grocery store, as to what you were buying.  I hated it so much I went to another town to buy anything.  I didn't need the kids putting my choice of laundry detergent into the rumor mill, for example.

Then I considered my kids.  They'd be asked questions about my books and their mom would never be home, because she'd be off signing books in some other town.  Nope.  Because our son has Asperger's syndrome, there was no way I'd ever do that.  He needed me here.

Time can put things into perspective.  I still wouldn't want to travel, since I'm the dog watcher during the day.  But I would do things to make my life easier.

So, if I ever became rich and famous, here's what I wish would happen:
  • Hire a few assistants to do my 'other jobs' such as social media, cook, clean, take care of the dogs, accountant, etc.
  • Create a corporation for my books, where I would hire a publicist, a few editors, a few secretaries (might be the same as the assistants), and a cover designer and animator for the trailers.
  • I'd go to work from 6-3 and then I'd be done for the day.  During that day, I'd only write.  That would be it.  Uninterrupted writing.  
  • I'd have a building where I go to write.  My employees might be there or they could be working from home--don't care.  No meetings, I just write, write, write.
  • I wouldn't make public appearances.  I hate that thought and just shudder to imagine having to do that. 
  • If I have an agent, they'd just be my lawyer, and not someone who interferes with anything I write.  They'd work for me and not the other way around.
That's my dream for my writing.  I can only wish. 

How about you?

Have a great day!
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