Wednesday, August 31, 2016

20 Ways to Make Your Character: Feel Loved

I was thinking of different things for writers that might be helpful.  This is the first of a list of ways to make your character... with an emotion or problem then have to solve.

So here goes.  Have their significant other...

  1. take them flowers
  2. give them a hug
  3. kiss them
  4. give them attention
  5. talk to them
  6. compliment them
  7. make them food
  8. chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
  9. spend time with them
  10. sit in front of a warm fireplace and sip hot chocolate with them
  11. take them to a great restaurant
  12. play board games with them
  13. take them on a surprise vacation
  14. go on a hay ride with them
  15. throw them a surprise party
  16. create memories and put it in a scrap book
  17. give them a home
  18. give them an instant family
  19. take them on a surprise vacation
  20. give them your time and show them you care

That's just for starters.  Can you think of any others?

Have a great day!
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