Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Day to Yourself

Last Saturday was cold and rainy.  Couldn't mow and had to even turn off the air conditioning and opt for a jacket.  No kidding.  This is August, but welcome to Green Bay, WI.  Autumn can give us a taste early in these parts.

Since I couldn't do much else on Saturday, I  I pulled out some of my old published works and read them back-to-back.  I was reading the Timeless Tales series, of Christian romances with a hint of fairy tales or nursery rhymes.  I edited as I went and will be fixing up a few things I found--not much, but just a bit.

I have to admit, it was one of the best days ever.  I got to do what I wanted to do and not bow down to anyone's current emotional crises.  Fortunately, my kids didn't bug me, my husband is wrapped up in a computer game (Space Chem from Steam--it's addictive), and even the dogs didn't want my attention.  Fantastic!

I envy the person who can read whenever they want to, and have the day to themselves.  Yes, I love my family, but like in every family, they can suck me into doing things I'd rather not be involved in, like cleaning, emotional crises (that they think are crises), and things like that.

If you ever get the chance, get a book (I have a bunch of them if you're interested), take time for yourself, and read.  Sometimes (and in my case), the characters and story will follow you long after you're done with the book.  Fun stuff!

Have a great day!
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