Monday, August 8, 2016

Bringing a bat to a gun fight -- how NOT to fix a faucet

So last week (Wednesday, to be exact), I told my daughter we were going to fix our leaky kitchen faucet.  We watched Youtube videos on how to do it and the guy made it seem SO easy.

We went out and bought the required Delta faucet fix-it kit, some plumber's grease stuff, and were ready to go.  I even knew where to turn off the water.  I did that part--the only part, as it turned out, that I could do well.

She watched the video while I took the thing apart and looked for the springs to replace. springs.  No O-rings.  But I did find out that once you pull the thing apart, it's impossible to put together again.

I decided that my rotten work had to be good enough (even though it wasn't even close to being put back together again) and I should turn the water on to the house.  I went into the basement while our daughter was standing vigil in the kitchen to watch to see if the thing leaked.  I flipped it on and she screamed.  "Turn it off!" she yelled, over and over again.

I turned it off and came back upstairs.  Um...the ceiling was wet, the light ABOVE the sink was soaked, and there was even water UNDER the sink.  My slipshod repair didn't go quite as planned.

We didn't have water.  We didn't have water for the toilets.  We couldn't even wash our hands.  So I called my husband.  He laughed.  "Call the plumber," he said.

Now, you have to understand that I seem to have a knack for messing up anything in the house.  There are raspberry jello stains on the white ceiling to remind me of that fact (and my husband refuses to let me wash them off, as a reminder).  I even backed into the garage door once, and had to call a repairman for that.  The owner drove the whole way from Oshkosh (over an hour away) to see what stupid woman backed into her garage door.  It hadn't gone up the whole way, and I didn't notice.  Oh, and there was the time I poured almost a whole container of old flour down the drain and it turned to glue. I couldn't get it to unclog no matter what I did.  Called the plumber...he turned on the disposal and was done.  Man, was I ever embarrassed!

So I called the plumber last Wed.  He came out with a new faucet and hooked it right up.  WHEW!  Needless to say, I've been banned from all home repair for a while.  And you wonder why my husband won't let me have a chainsaw.  I'll never learn to juggle!

Have a great day!
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