Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kindle Worlds--Montana Sky Series: Congratulations, Nan O'Berry!

My friend, Nan O'Berry, wrote a really cool book for the Montana Skies series in Kindle Worlds.  She has a snippet here:

Romancing the Blog:  Road to Redemption
and here:

Romancing the Blog: Sunday Snippet

If you haven't tried the Kindle Worlds books, I'd suggest it.  Authors write books that are set in the same area as a popular book, with the blessing of the popular book author.  The covers have to meet certain criteria, so it's in the same series as the original book.

Here is the list of current series of books in the Kindle Worlds:  Worlds

Here is the list for the Montana Sky books in Kindle Worlds:  Montana Sky.

Here is the list of original Montana Sky books by Debra Holland:  Montana Sky by Debra Holland

Here is Nan O'Berry's book, Road to Redemption, and the excerpt as shown on Amazon:

Her sales are incredible, too.  Check it out on the book page.  It fluctuates by the day, but she's doing great!!!  What a neat book!
So if you want a great read, check it out!
Have a great day!
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  1. Hey, thanks so much for the kind words. Writing for Kindle Worlds is a lot of fun. The authors give you a great lead in and are very good about answering questions you might have. I'm very happy to have been included in Debra's latest release.


    1. That's fantastic! I'm glad it's a hit! Your sales are wonderful! Great job!!!