Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meet the Clique Member

Recently, a friend of mine went to get a job.  She had a phone interview at a prestigious business on the West Coast. She was perfect for the job with lots of experience for the position.

When she had the phone interview, she was treated badly because she was older than their normal applicants.  The people laughed at her and she felt like she was the outcast in high school all over again.

The people on other side of the phone are in a clique.  They only hire their friends and it's all for their social standing.  They care about no one else but their clique and themselves.

What if the interviewee were suddenly popular?  Those clique people would be falling all over themselves to be friends with the interviewee.

Consider this...what happens if this clique has to fend for themselves?  What if there were no food and they had to survive on their own wits?  They'd fold and probably end up buttering up some other sucker who has survival skills.

Some day, I'm going to write in some characters who are clique leaders.  They're fun to write about, to make fail, to show their true colors.  Can't wait!

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