Monday, August 15, 2016

Meet the control freak

In the book, 'Touchdowns & Potions,' by Markee Anderson, the main character (Jenna Steele) is a control freak.  Everything has to be done her way, and she dictates how life should be lived for everyone else around her.  She's appalled when others don't 'toe the line' she's created for them.

For example, the love interest (Andy McKnight) is a slob and doesn't wear a watch.  He's the quarterback for a pro football team, so his life is dictated by his work.  Jenna can't believe someone doesn't wear a watch.  She lives life on a schedule, down to the minute.  Time is money and every moment is used to the fullest.

Andy enjoys life.  Jenna's stressed out, because her schedule is never what she wants it to be.  She even gets phone calls from her parents, to ask how to handle their problems, since Jenna controls everyone else.

When writing about the control freak, it's important to throw a wrench into their day, to up the conflict.  Also, others should balk at their controlling nature.  In my book, I even had Andy show Jenna what it was like to be controlled, to show what others have to endure because of Jenna.  Needless to say, she didn't like it one bit.

Control freaks are fun to write about.  They are inherently flawed, which makes it interesting.  Write about one'll enjoy it.

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