Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Meet the Emotional Roller Coaster

I know someone who's on an emotional roller coaster (I'm going to label that person ERC).  To write about this person would make anyone neurotic.  The other characters have to figuratively walk on eggshells, never knowing if they're going to set the ERC off.

The ERC is very controlling.  If any other character challenges him in any way (and it could be a perceived challenge, and not a true challenge), he gets extremely defensive and starts an argument.

Here's an example of an ERC's discussion.

"So the sky seems blue to me today," an innocent bystander (IB) said.\
"Blue?  Are you saying it's going to rain and I can't go out in the boat?  Are you trying to sabotage my trip?  You really hate me, don't you?"  The ERC crossed his arms, ready for battle.
IB backs off and runs away.

And yes, this is a real person who would do this.  Their goal is to dominate every conversation, to the point that others don't like being around them.  But they make great characters in a book.

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