Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Research: A Celebrant

When I wrote 'Death's Sidekick,' I learned a bit about the funeral industry.  For those of you in the United States (mostly), the story is about a celebrant.  Many other countries use celebrants more than in the U.S., so many of you may already know what a celebrant does.

A celebrant is a eulogist who celebrates the life of the deceased.  They talk about the person's funniest moments, memories of their life, and even their favorites (like color, food, or anything else).  The eulogy is very uplifting, and at times, hilarious.

My sister is a celebrant, so I've heard tons of stories over the years about how family members deal with death.  Everyone's different, but all of them seem to bond in some way with my sister, the celebrant.

As with any big gathering, there always seems to be an odd or unusual moment.  This also can happen at weddings.

So when I wrote my book, I thought about the most outlandish things my celebrant could encounter and went into detail about how it happened in her life.  It's hilarious, actually, in some ways.

When I die, I want people to laugh.  I want them to remember me as someone with a joke for every situation.

What about you?  Any thoughts?

Have a great day!
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