Friday, August 26, 2016

Writing Acronyms on Twitter

I follow a lot of authors on Twitter.  Sometimes, they put hashtag and a bunch of letters.  I have no idea what they are, so I have to look them up.  Unfortunately, as soon as I do and see those letters again, I forget what they are.

So I'm starting a list of letters I notice.  When I'm done, I'll put it as a page on this blog so anyone can refer back to it.

Here goes:

#WIP:  Work in progress--what they author is working on right now
#IARTG:  Indie Author Retweet Group:  IARTG will retweet it
#IAN1:  Independent Author Network
#RRBC:  Rave Reviews Book Club
#SMM:  social media marketing
#KIDLIT:  Children's literature
#CR4U:  Clean Reads for You
#YA:  Young adult literature
#SNRTG:  social networking retweet group
#ASMSG:  authors' social medial support group
#histfic:  historical fiction
#amwriting:  a chat hashtag where you can join in at any time.  See AmWriting.Org
#amreading: What the tweeter is currently reading
#t4us:  a group of authors/tweeters who commit to retweet each other

Once I get more, I'll add them and put it on a page by itself.  Not easy to do, because they're not defined in any one place, but I have to figure it out.

Have a great day!
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Reference:  #tagdef

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