Wednesday, September 7, 2016

20 Ways to Make Your Character: Leave

Why would you ever want your character to leave?  Conflict.  Conflict is what books are made of.  They're the heart and soul of a story, to have the characters figure out how to get back what they once had, but even better.

If a character leaves, you, as the writer, can follow them on their journey until they realize they have to get back to their former life to truly be happy.

So, here are 20 ways to make your character leave.

  1. The antagonist tells them to leave, or else.
  2. They see their love interest in the arms of someone else.
  3. Someone dies.
  4. They're jealous of someone else because of a job, family situation, wealth, or fame.
  5. They think they're unloved.
  6. They want to escape a bad situation.
  7. A job transfer.
  8. A new job.
  9. Loss of a job.
  10. Inheritance in a different place.
  11. They're needed by family elsewhere.
  12. Eviction.
  13. Instant wealth.
  14. Desire to climb a social ladder.
  15. Striving for the American dream.
  16. Safety reasons.
  17. Change in social status.
  18. Because of hate.
  19. Because of illness.
  20. Because they love someone.

Wow.  In every romance, there's what's called a 'black moment,' right before the ending.  The heroine (usually) loses everything--her job, her family or social standing, and maybe even her living arrangements.  They contemplate leaving, and one of these reasons, above, is very helpful if you're stuck in your plotting.

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