Wednesday, September 21, 2016

20 Ways to Make Your Character: Love Life

This one wasn't easy.  Loving life is tough, because for most, it's fleeting at best.  But what if you had a character that loved life all the time?  What would make them cherish each moment?  I came up with 20 reasons for your character to love life.  I even have some of them in a few of my books.

Here goes:

  1. Facing a disease--live each moment like it's their last
  2. Realizing that life is short
  3. A new enjoyable job
  4. Finding love for the first time
  5. Getting a second chance after an illness
  6. Being able to see or hear for the first time
  7. Getting out of jail
  8. Redefining one's life
  9. Losing weight and loving the feeling
  10. Finding a person can be themselves for once
  11. Being cured of a disease or a sickness
  12. Being surrounded by beautiful things or cleanliness
  13. A new place to live
  14. All cares and worries are gone
  15. The birth of a child
  16. Being alone after an abusing relationship is over
  17. Feeling free
  18. New adventures, new memories
  19. Love after loss
  20. The ability and need to plan for the future with happiness

There are 20 reasons for a character to love life.  Have any more to add?

Have a great day!
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