Thursday, September 8, 2016


Recently, I've been going back over my books to make sure everything looks good.  I've found, in earlier publications, that sometimes, I'm capitalizing the wrong things.

For example, the following is true:

  • In talking about Chief Smith, it's capitalized if you're talking about his name.  but if you write 'the chief,' it's not capitalized.  Same with the president, etc.
  • Citing the Fifth Amendment to the constitution, you write 'pleading the Fifth' where Fifth is capitalized.  (Note:  The Fifth Amendment includes the right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination).
  • The coasts are capitalized, because they're a place.  So if referring to a specific place (like in the United States, for example), the West Coast, the East Coast, etc., are places.  The West Coast includes California, Oregon, and Washington, for example.
  • Brand names should always be capitalized.  For example, Dumpster is a brand name.
  • Holidays are capitalized
  • Races are capitalized (African American, Caucasian, Eskimo, etc.)  But white and black are not capitalized in reference to race.
  • Heaven and Hell can or can not be capitalized, depending on the reference.   Just be consistent. 
  • Governmental things, like Congress.  But some are not capitalized, like congressional or federal.
  • Historical episodes and eras
  • planets
  • Special occasions (like the Olympic Games)

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