Friday, September 2, 2016

It's School Time Again -- Enjoy a Book Today!

Imagine're a stay-at-home-mom and have been home all summer with the kids.  Your days have been filled with summer projects, vacations, feeding the children, playing with them, and making sure they're busy.  It's exhausting!  I'm right there with you...and my kids are all over 21 (as of yesterday).  I have two kids still in college, and the third lives close by, working at a local business.

So now, the kids are heading back to school (my last one goes back on Sunday) and you're on your own again.

What do you do first?

For me, I read.  A lot.  They're mostly my books, but I'm working on getting them published.  But reading is a huge part of my day, and to be honest, I love it.  I can escape into another world, someone else's life, and see how they solve their problems.

If you'd like to do that, just to get back into the swing of being at home, alone, during the day, check out some of my books.  They're all under $3, and will make your day less lonely and the time will fly by.

My books can all be found at  I write as all the authors on that website.  SweetTale Books is my 'marketing arm' of my business.  I have single websites for all my author names, as well.

Enjoy a book today!
SweetTale Books

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