Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Meet the Don Juan

The Don Juan.  What an interesting character.

For you younger readers, Don Juan is a fictional character, given his literary personality in the book "El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra" (1630, "The Seducer of Seville" or "The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest").  In the book, he was a womanizer who seduced the daughter of a nobleman.  He killed the father, but the father's ghost got revenge.

Today, the term Don Juan means womanizer.  He tells the woman what she wants to hear, flirting with her until she gives in.  I have a few Don Juans in my books.  My favorite one is Ben in the Extreme Travel series.  He flirts with my main character, Kes, to the point where she's embarrassed but can't turn away.

So what do you do with the Don Juan?  Let them create havoc.  Let them go to the extreme and then reel them in.  It makes for a wonderful feeling when they finally get pulled back to reality for the reader.  Whatever you do, don't make them the hero in that state, because they will cheat on their love interest.

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Don Juan: Fictional Character
Don Juan

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