Monday, September 26, 2016

Research: Tornadoes

Even though tornado season is winding down for the year (it's not over quite yet, though), I thought I'd share some of the research I did for one of my Christian romances.  For the book, 'Faith in the Darkest of Nights,' a tornado hits the main character's home.  Most of the family members hide in a center closet, while much of the home falls around them.

I've experienced some of this, myself, from when we lived in Kansas.  Once, a huge funnel cloud passed by our neighborhood, probably a mile or so away.  The thing was at least a mile wide and sounded like a freight train while everything else seemed so silent.  I watched it moving, and our kids hid in the basement.  The neighbors, having dealt with this before, weren't impressed.  They cooked out and ignored the funnel cloud.  I even called one of them and they didn't seem to care.  But being newcomers to the Midwest, we were scared. However, it never did touch down, thankfully.

After it passed, we had a hailstorm.  The bits were bigger than a quarter and many cars that were outside were damaged, along with roofs, etc.  The people across the street were from CA.  Their kids went out to catch the hail, getting hit on the head a bunch of times in the process.

So tornadoes are nothing to mess with.  Thus, to find information about what it's like to be inside a tornado is amazing.

Since I was writing about what it was like inside the tornado, here's what I found in my research:

  • Before it hits, it can be eerily silent.
  • It's very loud, even from miles away.
  • It sounds like a freight train.
  • The air pressure drops and your ears pop.
  • It gets very dark.
  • Everything is thrown around or destroyed.
  • They smell like cut grass or wood, like nature.

When we drove from KS up to Omaha once, we hit a very very dark section in Iowa.  The sky was so dark at the very top, but under the darkness was a rim of bright blue.  I've never seen anything like it, but I'd like to think this was pre-tornado weather.  It was kind of like the picture on this page: 123 HD Wallpapers or this page:  Threatening Black Sky During a Severe Thunderstorm, Edmonton AB, July 18/09.  Here's another one (it's a video but in French):  Le ciel precedent la Tornade de Toulouse le 29 avril 2012 . The sky just before Tornado .Very scary.  that's what we saw.

If you're going to write about a tornado, put yourself in the place of the people who would be in the middle of it.  They'd be scared like anything.  It would definitely put their faith to the test.

Have a great day!
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