Monday, September 5, 2016

Research: Venezuela

In my fourth Extreme Travel book, 'The Waterfall Coup,' I took my characters down to Venezuela.  The mission for this rag-tag group of CIA agents was to rescue the Vice President, his wife, and his young son.  The family had been kidnapped for a nefarious reason, and not for ransom.

Thus, since I had decided to take my characters there, I had to do research.  Wow.  What an interesting place.

The country is located on the upper central part of South America.

Here's a map from

It's bordered by Colombia, and Guyana, and Brazil.

This is a very interesting place.  The Andes mountains like to the west, near the Colombia coast.  The Llanos, or plains, like to the southwest.  The Caribbean coast is in the northern center.  The Amazon Basin rain forest is in the south, and the Orinoco River Delta is in the east.  My characters stayed in the Orinoco River Delta area and the Amazon Basin rain forest, which is home to the tallest waterfall in the world--Angel Falls.

Of course, my characters had to come up against some pretty fierce obstacles, including an anaconda, jaguars, and other local animals (like seeing tapirs and hearing howling monkeys).  

Right now, the country is in political turmoil.  When I wrote the book (around 2005), the country was having problems, but nothing like it is today.  The history of the country includes leaders that are dictators, and rebels that fight against the government.  I capitalized on that fact in my book.

Needless to say, the country is gorgeous, with wild orchids and strange animals at every turn.  Angel falls is gorgeous, as well, from all I read.

It's a great place for a book to take place!

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