Wednesday, October 12, 2016

20 Ways to Make Your Character: Die

For those of us who are mystery writers, we need to know how to kill someone off in a book.  For other novels, people die, and there has to be a way they died, to make it more believable.

Here are 20 possible ways to do that:

  1. Shot
  2. Knifed
  3. Run over by a car/hit by drunk driver
  4. Disease
  5. Heart attack
  6. Get hit over head with a blunt object
  7. Have a house fall on top of them
  8. Get smothered
  9. Get stuck in a silo full of falling grain
  10. Get in a fight
  11. Fall off a tractor and have it fall onto the person (that really happened to my grandpa)
  12. Break/snap neck/beheaded
  13. Poisoned
  14. Fire
  15. Wardrobe malfunction (yes, it can happen--did it in Death's Sidekick)
  16. Hanging
  17. Spontaneous combustion
  18. Parasite or flesh eating disease
  19. Falling/pushed off building
  20. Getting trampled in a crowd

Regardless, the death has to be tragic in some way.  If it's a humorous book, make the death odd.  If it's a mystery, make it an evil death in some way.

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