Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Meet the Couch Potato

I love being a couch potato some days.  I just get some good food, turn on the television, and sit on the couch, enjoying doing...nothing.  I don't even care what's on the television, but it's fun to do.  I get to escape everything I HAVE to do and get to do what I WANT to do--nothing.

What is a couch potato, exactly?  I'm glad you asked.  According to Merriam-Webster:

a couch potato is someone who spends a lot of time sitting and watching television.

According to the article 'WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE COUCH POTATO?' in the New Yorker, the term isn't used as much today.  The usage of it has fallen dramatically.  It's thought that the decline is due to more usage of laptops and smartphones instead of watching shows on television.

So when writing about a couch potato, it has to be boring, right?  How can a writer make a couch potato's life interesting?

I want you to watch this clip of one of my favorite couch potatoes (he's more of a 'chair potato' but it works):

Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances.  This is his favorite spot in the house.

Here's another one of Onslow, as a couch potato:

And this, Life Lessons from Onslow.  He knows a lot of things, and learns them from television.

He's a couch potato that we love.  Couch Potatoes seem to have opinions on everything and can be rather well-read.  They're great supporting characters for a book, and can impart hilarious additions to the plot.

The couch potato needs to return!

Have a great day!
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