Thursday, October 13, 2016

Writing help: plural versus possessive nouns

Don't you just hate it when people put apostrophes in words that are just plural (and not plural possessive)?  When I see signs like the one above, I want to stop the car, get out, and give the writer a piece of my mind.  Some days, I feel like a grammar policewoman.

In order to save yourself from the wrath of people like me, here are a few things you can learn about simple plural versus possessive nouns.  I'm even going to include references so you can see for yourself how they're different.

Plural:  More than one -- doesn't include the apostrophe

  • Example:  Puppies for Sale
  • Example:  Kids in the street

Possessive:  The word is describing the next word -- needs the apostrophe

  • Example:  Kid's coat
  • Example:  Jane's purse

See how the first one means MORE than one.  

In the second one, the coat belongs to the kid.  'Kid's' describes the coat.  Same with the purse.  The purse is owned by Jane.  Jane describes the purse.

In the sign above, it means that the puppies describe the word 'for.'  It makes no sense!

Go look it up for yourself, if you don't believe me:

Here's a video, that might help, too:  Grammar: Plural or Possessive?

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