Wednesday, November 9, 2016

20 Ways to Make Your Character: Celebrate

We all love a great party, in some respects.  I'm not one to go to parties with crowds, myself, because I feel out of place.  But I do like to celebrate.  It could be a celebration for a birthday, a big promotion, or even just winning a game.

So how does your character celebrate?  Here are 20 ideas that can also be used for a hero to surprise a heroine.  Some are simple ideas, and some are grandiose.  In all, it's the attitude for the celebration more than the event, that matters.

  1. Enjoy your breakfast outside, with friends and laughter
  2. Do something out of the ordinary, like a weekend getaway
  3. Enjoy a luxury--at a wonderful restaurant, or at a spa
  4. Thank someone for doing something nice for you--throw them a celebration
  5. Enjoy a party with friends and family--a surprise party is even more fun
  6. Go to a costume party, designed to celebrate some success
  7. Have an ice cream social
  8. Create a scrapbook of the event
  9. Have a dance party with balloons
  10. Give goals a one-day break
  11. Rewards for the accomplishment, like a favorite movie, popcorn, and friends.
  12. Cross it off the bucket list
  13. Take a day off work and enjoy yourself
  14. Share the success in a newsletter or email to others
  15. Go on vacation
  16. Create your next goal, knowing that first hurdle worked
  17. Buy something new
  18. Learn a new skill
  19. Believe in yourself and be proud
  20. Throw a big party at a local restaurant--maybe a theme party or a dinner party

Reaching a goal is huge, so celebrate right after it happens!  Your characters should do the same in your books.

Have a great day!
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