Wednesday, November 16, 2016

20 Ways to Make Your Character: Scared

Your character is under pressure of some type.  How do you like to make your character sweat?  Here are 20 ideas to increase the conflict and harass your characters--you know you want to.

  1. Have a cop follow their car
  2. Have gang members notice the character
  3. The IRS is after them
  4. Their secret at work is about to be exposed
  5. They get caught with another girlfriend/boyfriend (for a romance)
  6. Natural disaster is about to strike (tornado/hurricane/fire, etc.)
  7. A serial killer is after the character
  8. They come face-to-face with a dangerous animal
  9. Someone is stalking them...and is hiding
  10. The boss calls them into their office--the anticipation is horrible
  11. A lawsuit threatens their way of life
  12. Bullies have targeted the character
  13. Someone close is about to die
  14. They have a job interview that isn't going well
  15. An impending car accident
  16. Screaming and yelling for no reason from another character
  17. Threats from another character
  18. Getting caught in a celebration or riot when on the opposing team/side
  19. Not having enough money to pay for a meal
  20. Hearing someone break into their home

Characters can rise to the occasion when scared or can fold.  It's a fight or flight situation where they can show their true colors.  It's very fun to write!

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